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No Win No Fee Compensation

We know there are many people who do not take advantage of their legal entitlement to assert no win free compensation because they are concerned about the price of paying attorney's fees, either upfront, or maybe their claim is unsuccessful. This is why we have developed a specialist service that meets the requirements of individuals who, through no fault of their own, have been injured in an accident, and wish to make a no win free claim for their injuries and other losses caused by someone else’s negligence.

Click here to we have been helping people claim compensation after being injured in an accident for more than 18 years. Our service allows you to move on with your lifetime after an accident, because we will help you start you are no win free compensation claim once you e-mail us. The advice that we provide is offered free of charge.

We members have been dealing with all types of injury claims for over 18 years. We are proud of the friendly, honest relationship we have with all of the people who use our service.


Exactly what does No Win Free Mean?
No win no fee is really a phrase the thing is a good deal about injury compensation claims. Exactly what does it mean? No win no fee refers to a ‘conditional fee agreement’. This is an agreement that means your solicitor is only paid if your accident claim is successful.
Whether your claim for personal injury is really as a direct result a traffic accident, medical or clinical negligence, an injury at work, maybe you have slipped and fallen and wish to claim, as well as other kind of accident, no win no fee could affect you.
If you win your injury claim, the losing party will need to pay towards your solicitor’s fees on top of your compensation. This kind of legal help is your right.
No win no fee compensation claims with First Injury

What if I lose? Does no win no fee still applies?
Yes, it does still apply. However, you will find points to bear in mind. If you lose your accident compensation claim, you will not need to pay your solicitor but you will be responsible for the expense from the successful party. To safeguard you from these costs, your solicitor may take out insurance for you as part of your no win no fee compensation agreement.


After The Event Insurance
For those who have had an accident which isn't your fault you are making be able to make no win free compensation claims for your injuries This is known as ‘after the event’ insurance. It covers all legal fees as well as additional costs referred to as disbursements - including court fees and medical reports. There is a premium to cover this cover but you do not have to pay this at the outset. If you lose your case, the insurer pays the premium. If you win, the losing party pays it.

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